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Now! Is the time to believe you deserve to have all you desire!

A lot, of people, are worried about what to do next, is this the right step for me or simply do not know how to create the life they’re dreaming about. So they sink back, self-sabotage, and just take whatever life gives them. (sleeping on their greatness)

You can create the life & Business you truly want



As a girl with big dreams, I didn’t know how to become this boss version of myself and somedays I didn’t believe I could be that girl and make all I wanted to happen (In real life) Plus coming out of college in this real world I was overwhelmed on what to do next I just knew I was meant for something great and I wanted to make an impact somehow.

Have you ever felt like this before?

Call your girl crazy but when I started to believe in myself and started to think that I deserve to have all I desired something changed in me … It’s like the light switch came on. I became fearless I actually started my business; I was crushing my goals both personally and, in this thing, called entrepreneurship … I transformed!


Today you have to strengthen your mind to become this boss version of yourself to start this business and walk into your greatness and when it comes to doing just that Your girl Shi has you covered, with the cheat sheet that helps you put your fear away and fearlessly make the boss moves you need to make. Affirmations help you speak things into existence and helps you walk into what you want to be before your even there how powerful is that.

Mindset is the key to having it all, Your thoughts are a direct result of your actions that you see

I’m often asked “How do you keep yourself motivated?” or “How do you know you can make anything you and happen?”. There’s no secret … It’s what I tell myself and believe is how I make it all happen. And guess what?! You can make it happen too. I wanted to offer you this gift with my cheat sheet. All you have to do is enter your name and email and it’s yours to download



I’m so excited about the life and business you will build!

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I’m Shi and I help women who don’t like their 9-5 & know they were created for something more start businesses so that they can create a life that gives them the clarity, confidence, and cash they truly desire.

Graduated from the Great Bethune Cookman University with a BS In Business Administration Shi loves helping others realize the potential within themselves while teaching them how to start & increase sales in their business. 9 years in the game I always questioned, “Why can’t we make money doing what we love versus what we have to?” Especially at a young age.