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Helping female entrepreneurs Make more money in their business

(Even if they just started)


A Virtual workshop to bring you the clarity you need in order to bring the cash flow in your business

Your bank account is dry isn't it? "She don't got no money in the bank"

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That was my story for a while, Did you know my first 2 years in business I made no money in my business, and when I finally did it was because I took time to create a plan to make it happen strategically.

no paid invoices coming through, not many people showed up to my events, no one buying my product consistently and If I’m being real with you my bills were adding up.

Before you make the money you must master the plan

Now I’m not talking about just posting every day and coming up with any sales goal to make it happen. I’m talking about truly mapping out how are you getting to the sale to see paid invoices coming through (Cha Ching)

This isn’t about being overwhelmed and working hard or

Hustling and grinding all your life (NO)

This is about putting a plan in place that will help you grow your business impact people and experience More in your life


  • Has it been a struggle getting yourself in front of people who would buy your product or services?
  • Are you questioning if you’re good enough to make the money you desire in your business?
  • Don’t you want to replace the stress of figuring out how to make sales with confidence, ease, and money?


Then Girl I got you, I want to help you because you deserve to have a business that serves you and helps you fund the life you sit and daydream about.

I definitely don’t want you to be a part of the 22.5% of entrepreneurs that fail within the 1st year and or 30% who fail in their 2nd year all because you didn’t have systems and strategy in place.

Do I Have your attention Yet?


Everything you did or doing to make more money in your business is not enough, and No longer works. It’s going to take clarity, a fresh strategic plan to stay relevant in this marketplace.


It’s the same energy to shift from little to no sales to making more than you ever thought

BUT... You'll need a new plan to get to the money you want, and I'm ready to help you get there. (even if you just started)

Allow me to introduce myself…

SALEs page shi

Hi! I am Shinika (Shi) Crawley and I help women who don’t like their 9-5 & know they were created for something more start businesses so that they can create a life that gives them the clarity, confidence, and cash they truly desire. CEO Of Girls Like Us I help you put the plan in place so that you can experience all you desire. I’m all about business growth and marketing strategy!

I Graduated from the Great Bethune Cookman University with a BS In Business Administration (Shout out to my HBCU’s) 8 years in the game helping women start and grow their businesses. Professionally Being a project manager and Managing Teams to increase sales in a brick-and-mortar business I always questioned, “Why can’t we make money doing what we love versus what we have to?” I’m here to say that you can and I’ll show you how.

In this 3 hour training, I am going to walk you through the 4 M’s you need to master to make more money in your business with ease. While putting a plan in place for you to leave with and execute!

That’s right! You can make money in your business without the frustration and overwhelm of not knowing how to do it

If you want to experience the more my clients have Join me for Mindset 2 Money

Mindset 2 money is for you:

  • If you feel like you’ve done all the things and can’t understand why your not making more sales
  • If your feeling stuck in your business and could use another thought process to make a shift
  • If you know what you sell can transform lives but you’re not seeing the money come in for it.
  • If you’re ready to work less and earn more.
  • If you don’t know how to make sales in your business
  • Launched a product or service and you heard crickets little to no sales
  • Are struggling to stay in front of your audience to even make a sale
  • If you are worried if what you have can really bring in the money to live the life you want
  • You need help with the process to make money


 With the right plan and mastering your Mindset, Marketing, and messaging  You will have what you need to prepare and position yourself to make more money


  • 4 M’S to master to consistently make money in your business, (Mindset, Messaging, Marketing, and money)
  • My money-making formula to show how to take a person who doesn’t know you and turn them into a paying customer … Cash!
  • How to fix the holes and gaps you may have that’s leaving money on the table in your business

This isn’t just any 3-hour workshop. It’s an opportunity for you to empower yourself to fund the life you truly desire. Yes, Youll get the replay.

I truly want to make an impact, so for that, we have limited virtual seating. Your peace of mind and all those orders coming in is worth it girl!

Yes, this event is virtual but only a small number of people, If you need to get to your next money level don’t hesitate.

Event Details:


High content/ Virtual workshop/ Open Q&A

Investment $100.00


The life you desire is waiting for you. "Let's plan together"