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You Are 


Your taking action equipping yourself with the tools to create the income you want.

You even made a sale or two (you go girl!) now you’re ready to make this a REAL thing. A Consistent thing! now that you have the confidence to make it happen and can see the vision of where you want to go. Structure and systems are your goals to making this thing werk!

Dreaming of your next money milestone in your business but not sure how to consistently make it happen?

Girl I’ve really been there

You may be missing a few pieces to the puzzle that help you

  • Constantly staying in front of your target audience
  • Consistently make sales $$$
  • Know what problem you solve and for whom

If you’re having trouble with some of these I know I can help you


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Did you know that I’ve had events that no one showed up to after I felt like I’ve done everything to make it happen but crickets ( definitely shot my confidence down)

But I got back up…

You need to master the 4 M’s to consistently

  • Bring the money in
  • Stay in front of your customers
  • Build a business that makes an impact

Mindset- that makes it all possible & happen

Messaging- motivating and connecting with your audience through your content.

Marketing- how your getting found 

Money- knowing your numbers 

And that’s where your girl Shi comes in to help you. I want to make sure you’re not missing any pieces to the puzzle to make it all work for you. I want to help you get your systems in place so you exactly how you’re going to CONSISTENTLY bring the money so you make the money you deserve

I would love an opportunity to help you girl because I see nothing but greatness in you.

The Mindset 2 Money Workshop is what you need to get your business unstuck so it can start bringing in the money you truly desire and now you’re stacking your money like a boss!

Start Here 👇

1) Click this link to check out my workshop! I’m going to teach you how to get unstuck so you can start the business your sleeping on in order for you to stack the money you truly want to make.

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Can’t wait to connect with you and help you create an income that will help you build the life you want!

Your Future Starts Here